Ways to Shoot Safely in The Public Lands


if you are interested to improve your shooting skills then it is essential for you to find few shooting targets for recreational purposes in your area.

In this short writeup, though we may not be able to provide all the answers as far as safe place of shooting is concerned, you can develop a better understanding of ways to find safe places to shoot.

All that you will need is to do little more research and have more willpower to do this. Following can be 2 types of land where you are most likely be successful with:

  • National forests

National Forests can offer a very large tract, which are always open for various recreational purposes. However, at the same time, they can also be more restrictive.

All these national forests will allow recreational shooting only if you will follow the basic rules, but some of them may not allow you to possess even a firearm unless and until you are hunting legally.

  • BLM land

Various lands that are managed by the body called “Bureau of Land Management” will be the least-restrictive as far as any recreational shooting will be concerned.

However, in case you are living in the Eastern part of the Mississippi then perhaps you will not get many opportunities to get BLM lands.

However, another way can be just using your Google map and try to find all these places and switch to viewing of map. Try to zoom out all the map and note down various green areas while viewing.

All these green areas can also be public lands like:

  • Wildlife Refuges
  • State Parks
  • National Forests

Besides Google Maps, BLM too will provide various online tools that can be used for finding land near you. Also, there are websites like “GoHunt” or the app called “onX Hunt” will also further expand about various public-land-recon capabilities.

How can you shoot safely on the public land?

  • After you have succeeded in locating an area, then try to check the other associated websites. You will find various notices, latest updates, and also various established rules.
  • In case you are still not sure whether such recreational shooting is legally permitted there then you may call them to find out.
  • Now you must switch to Google Maps with satellite view and start searching for various terrains that are conducive for shooting.
  • You can also switch to 3-dimensional view which will offer much better view in this way.

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