Ways to Make Statement Rings Look Good on You


The world of statement rings is fascinating, but finding the perfect one for you can also be challenging. We’ve assembled this ultimate guide on how to make Statement Rings look good on you. We will explore many different ways people have styled their rings and the sometimes surprising results of their choices.

What kind of statement ring should you get?

There are two kinds: ring, band or both. You can wear them together or separately. You can add a piece of art to your workspace, but you can also choose one elegant enough for every day.

How do you know what size to go for?

There are two categories when choosing a ring: wear it on the ring finger or middle finger (depending on how many fingers you have). The best way to determine which size you need is by measuring your finger (get someone else’s help).

How to make your ring look good.

  • If you want to wear it on the ring finger, you can choose from pink, yellow, or white gemstones.
  • If you want to wear it on your middle finger, you can choose from white gold, yellow gold or black gold.
  • The next step is to search for a matching band size for your ring (and do the same for your other rings).
  • Decide how big your jewelry piece should be (from half of your ring size to three times your ring size), and choose a style that suits it in terms of shape (round, square or oblong).
  • You can also choose between solid gold, half-eternity and eternity.
  • The last step is deciding whether you prefer a statement ring with gemstones and diamonds or without gems.
  • The way to make the bracelet match nicely is to choose bracelets of similar metal (platinum bangles for pink gemstone rings, yellow gold bangles for white gemstones and black gold bangles for yellow gemstone rings).
  • You can wear them in many different ways: you can wear your rings by themselves or stacked with other rings, depending on your style.
  • Choose a colour scheme matching your skin tone and hair colour for an ultimate look (pink for redheads, yellow for blondes, white for brunettes). This will help you emphasize the shape of your face and eyes without overpowering them with too much bling.
  • You can also balance the brightness of your ring by choosing darker colours on the clothing (for example, a white dress with a black necklace).
  • The last thing you need to know is to choose a ring that fits your lifestyle. If you are travelling a lot and can’t wear your jewelry, go for a simple, understated design instead of plunging necklines or oversized earrings.


These are the top ways to make your statement rings look good. Remember these things, and you will look perfect with your statement ring.

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