The Truly Amazing Benefits of Using Microfiber Lens Cloths


If you’ve ever owned a set of glasses, a video camera, or anything which has a screen that needs cleaning without getting scratched, you’ll without doubt happen to be given a microfiber lens cloth included in the package. These cloths are made particularly to wash surfaces that need gentle but extremely effective cleaning.

Microfiber lens cloths from leading manufacturers have a lot of advantages over regular cloths from being more efficient, non-abrasive, and hypo-allergenic. Check out a few of the greatest benefits of using microfiber lens cloths.

Can Remove 98.9% of Bacteria

Among the best benefits of using microfiber lens cloths is the fact that with when combined with just water, they could remove 98.9% of bacteria from the flat working surface that they’re utilized on. This statistic looks better still considering that any normal kind of cloth which is used alongside bleach is only going to remove as much as 90%.

Microfiber Cloths Are Non-Abrasive

An execllent reason microfiber lens cloths are ideal for cleaning is they are non-abrasive and won’t scratch any surfaces in addition to departing behind no lint too. Ordinary cloths cannot accomplish this and even though you will possibly not use whatever scratches left out, you can be certain that they’re there.

Microfiber Cloths Are Hypo-allergenic

If somebody is affected with allergic reactions or bronchial asthma, microfiber cloths are ideal for them as well because they are hypo-allergenic. Something that is hypo-allergenic is way less inclined to cause any allergy symptoms, so the truth that your lens cleaning cloths are, is usually a good factor right?


Just because a microfiber cloth requires no cleaning solution or chemical for use alongside it, they’re eco-friendly. These microfiber cloths literally just have water alongside them to make a crisp clean that doesn’t scratch any surfaces.

Stronger and are better than Standard Cloths

A high quality microfiber lens cloth from trustworthy manufacturers are much more durable that regular cloths and could be reused countless occasions prior to being requiring to get replaced. Furthermore, simply because they contain greater than 200,000 fibers on every sq . inch, they’re much more good at cleaning too.

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