Sending Love to Your Loved Ones With the Right Flowers


Flowers allow you to send beautiful messages to your loved ones on different levels. You could say ‘Congratulations,’ ‘Thank you,’ ‘I love you,’ and several other things with a bouquet. Of course, different types of flowers make different statements. So it follows that although roses are the most common, there are many other flower types that you can send to your loved ones. In this article, you’ll discover many other options for your next flowers in box, Dubai. Here is a list of beautiful flowers that you can get for your loved ones:


Lilies signify love and purity; this explains why you always see them in wedding bouquets. However, no rule says these flowers can only be used in weddings. You can gift these flowers to someone you find pure and lovely.

There are different types of lilies that you can gift your partner. While white lilies are the most common types, you could go for yellow or pink lilies for a less generic surprise. You could also decide to send a whole bouquet of lilies or just one beautiful stem to your partner.


Peonies signify good fortune and wealth. These flowers can grow up to 3 feet tall and live for up to five years, hence their reputation as the ‘queen of flowers.’ Aside from being beautiful, peonies also enhance health. Since ancient times, peonies have been believed to help with anxiety by enhancing relaxation through serotonin production.

Peonies can serve as thoughtful gifts for your partner or colleague. You could make your loved ones feel loved by sending them peonies on the day of a big presentation.

Although there have also been claims that peonies were aphrodisiacs, science has proven these claims wrong.


Tulips signify admiration, love, and the cycle of life. They are popularly seen after winter when they come back to life, bursting with brilliant colors.

Tulips are romantic gifts used by lovers to send a message of admiration. These lovely flowers have yellow, orange, purple, red, pink, and other color variants. So, if you’d like a bouquet featuring different colors, tulips might be your best option.


Sunflowers signify care, and this makes them very versatile. You can send sunflowers to your co-worker who is recovering from an accident or loss. You can also send these bright flowers to your lover who isn’t feeling well. The bottom line is that sunflowers radiate positive energy. This means if you have plans for a birthday cake and flower delivery, Dubai, sunflowers can work perfectly.

Sunflowers are relatively inexpensive as they are found in most climates. Aside from the yellow ones, there are also different sunflower colors.


Orchids signify love and romance. Although they are mostly used for weddings and anniversaries, they can be used on other occasions too. You can send orchids to someone you’re romantically involved with.

These gorgeous flowers also come in different colors, giving you many options to choose from.


The best flower gifts are those that send personal, unique messages to the receiver. So, aside from sending the appropriate flower, selecting the right color is also important. If the receiver is a lover of reds, a yellow flower might not seem personal to them.

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