Finding The Perfect Souvenirs & Gifts In Thailand


When you are heading to Thailand on holiday, and you want to get some gifts for the people you love back at home, there are plenty of options available. You can even use your present to wind people up, especially if they love Thailand, and give them something that will make them jealous of your trip. Below are some of the best gifts and souvenirs you can get in Thailand to show your friends and family how much you love them, or to annoy them you have gone to their favourite holiday destination without them.


Thailand is an excellent destination for products made from silver, and it is an international trading centre for finished jewellery and coloured gemstones. You will find many high-quality silver products available from which you can choose, and the price of them is much more affordable than similar products at home. If you are purchasing multiple gifts, you can often get 925 sterling silver wholesale prices when purchasing more than one item, but remember to haggle with the shopkeeper.


Silk is something else that is created extensively in Thailand, and you can purchase raw silk, dyed silk, or finished silk products to give as a gift. There are various types of clothes you can choose from, or go for something simple such as a silk tie, dressing gown, or a sarong.

Carved Wood

You will also notice that there are plenty of carved wooden products that you can purchase when you are in Thailand. There is a comprehensive and varied selection of wooden gifts available, which includes:

  • Wooden Buddha Statues
  • Wooden Elephants
  • Wooden Frogs
  • Wooden Lampshades
  • Wooden Coasters & Placemats
  • Wooden Ornaments & Decorations

Dried Fruits

There is an abundance of different fruits available in Thailand, some of which you do not often find in the west, such as durian. These are items you will see all over the country, including all the airports, shops, and markets. You can purchase various dried fruits, which can make for the perfect gift for your loved ones upon your return from the Land of Smiles.


Clothing is another popular souvenir with people visiting Thailand, and you will often see many tourists walking around in the fisherman’s pants. These are loose fitting and very baggy, and they are very comfortable when wearing them in a hot climate. They may not be suitable for when you are going out, but they are perfect for lounging about the home or used as pyjamas and can make an excellent gift.

Tiger Balm

People worldwide have heard of Tiger Balm, and it is an excellent product that you can use for many things, including mosquito bites or even muscle pains. It is an inexpensive product so you can pick up lots of them without breaking the bank, and they are also small so are easy to fit into your suitcase.


There is also plenty of choices available if you want to take back some soap as a souvenir or a gift for the people back home, and most of them smell delectable. Many of the soaps you will find are made from 100% natural products, so they are suitable for people with varying skin types. They are full of fragrance, and whether you give them away or keep them yourself, the smell will remind you of your fantastic holiday when you visited Thailand.

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