Filling for the quilt which you should pick on


The inside of the quilt is what counts especially as far as quilts are concerned. The filling of a `quilt Singapore will have a great impact on the way it is going to regulate the body temperature and at same time, the way you are going to sleep. There are certain fillings which might as well tend to aggravate allergies and thus, a need to choose carefully.

The following are some of the common fillings and the reason you can consider them:


Filling of wool is a quilt classic which is high loft. Insulating and warm natural fiber wool creates micro climate that is excellent to regulate humidity and temperature. It denotes it’s a great choice for the sleep partners who have body temperature needs which are differing.

Wool is not hypoallergenic naturally and thus allergy asthmatics and sufferers should check if the fillings are the type which has been treated to manage the issues or not, if not, it might agitate. Wool quilts are at the same time dry clean alone. Ensure to check the instructions before you buy.

Feathers and down

Fluffy, soft duck feathers – down, is a natural, popular choice for those that want warmth and comfort but at the same time, retain a lofty and light feel.

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