Buying a Used Watercraft? This Guide is for You


Jet skis might be luxury vehicles but this does not mean only the super-wealthy individuals can own them. These days, you can buy used jet skis and have the same watercraft experience at a lower cost.  To make sure you end up with a good purchase, read the guide below:

Avoid Buying a 2-Stroke Jet Ski

A jet ski with a 2-stroke engine is found to pollute so much more than a 4-stroke engine. Also, its parts are getting tougher to find, which means that shops may no longer work on them. A 2-stroke jet ski does not have a dipstick because it burns the oil instead while a 4-stroke has a dipstick. A motomarine usagé made on or after 2008 is 4-stroke.

Consider Engine Hours

A ten-year-old jet ski would expect 300 hours on it. Any watercraft that is more than 13 years old or over 400 hours might not be worth buying. You will want to get it checked out. So, would you purchase a jet ski with 300 hours on it? Maybe. It all depends on its shape, compression, hull, pump, and other factors. A 2-stroke engine would have 300 happy hours. A 4-stroke that is properly taken care of can have 1, 000 hours.

Test the Craft on the Water

Do not purchase a used jet ski unless you can water test it. When testing, ensure the watercraft takes off instantly. Check also the RPMs and opt for something over 7000 RPMs at full throttle; however, this can be different for each ski. Even if you buy a jet ski at a dealership, water test it before the purchase.

Check for Damages

Check the seats of the jet ski first. Ensure the seats are not tearing as this means the owner has properly taken care of their vehicle. But, expect to have some tears on seats of a jet ski that is at least eight years old. Also, used jet skis can have fiberglass damage. Docking can be difficult to do on a watercraft so expect this kind of damage. Some marks may also be seen on the underside of the jet ski from people beaching the craft. However, there should not be any missing part from the lower part of the jet ski. Make sure to get your dealer to check the watercraft out before you write the check. They should know about all the quirks of a certain model and can tell you things you might have overlooked.

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