Being smart regarding the diamond clarity and cut quality


There is a need to purchase the lowest diamond color which will still look as if it is colorless to the naked eye at the engagement ring Singapore.  When it comes to the round diamonds which are in white gold, it could be an I or J color. With the yellow color, you might even get down to a K color. The difference that exists between a D color and a J color is quite enormous.

When it comes to clarity, the same concept doesn’t have to be used. Instead, go for the clarity diamond which is lowest which is still clean when observed with the naked eye because it will look identical to a diamond which is flawless as long as the rest remains constant and the same.

The difference which happens in price between an SI1 and the SI2 diamond clarity and the diamond which is flawless is large. Alternatively, the cut’s quality of the diamond is one which private jewelers regard highly.

It is advisable that you don’t have to sacrifice on the above as the cut. That is because; cut of the diamond is what gives it the great sparkle that everyone adores.

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